LOTR : San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO. This city has different meanings for everyone, I guess that can apply to any city really. However, there is no argument that SF has its own culturally diverse manically chaotic yet incredibly beautiful life force. Yes, that is what San Francisco is to me, while I unfortunately didn't get any time to explore on my own I got to see places I most likely would've never gained access to had I not been with Kweli. No shame in that, being a part of Talib Kweli's crew is like having a golden ticket into Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory (the one in the 70s not the new Johnny Depp version).

The definite highlight of SF was the Inforum discussion at The Castro theatre. In conversation with Judge LaDoris H. Cordell, Talib touched on various issues you typically don't hear an artist of his stature talk about. It was a full fledged dialogue ranging from the state of our society's indifference and civil injustice towards people of color, to the status of what Hip-Hop is today and the importance of not relying on rappers, singers or the like to make the changes we want to see. In fact, Kweli vehemently stresses that, that responsibility is on us, the people. You cannot find or make the changes you are looking for in someone else, it is something you start from within. 

The following photos are only a glimpse of our few days in the wonderful city of San Francisco. While some places had their restrictions 'ahem... Twitter...' I was able to snap a few pics here and there. Hopefully, one day soon I somehow get to return to these places on my own personal invitation.