LOTR : New Orleans

NAWLINS. My first time there and boy was I unprepared. I've heard stories, fables, legends even of the majestic bayou. I was warned of all the debauchery that may ensue, the craziness on certain streets and the constant rambunctious behavior from all that inhabited the city. All perfectly melted into the most culturally delicious place you'll ever experience. The food, the people, the music, the streets, anything and everything in between... New Orleans you are my kind of city! 

For the first time on the entire tour I was one of the first to awake. I had planned to freshen up and hit the streets right away. Unfortunately, we only had one day there so I had to make every hour count before the show because we were driving overnight to Miami right afterwards. After grabbing a good lunch with the guys we parted ways and I began my lone exploration of New Orleans...

Mind the Segway crew! Other than a few random encounters my perusing through NOLA avenues went quite peacefully. I ended up walking towards the other side of town away from where the main attractions were so I was able to take in other parts of the city that people usually avoid. Funny thing is I prefer it that way, 0 crowds or people invading my shot :) Plus there's nothing wrong with having a little piece of NOLA to yourself! 

After about 3 hours of walking about on my own I decided it'd be best to head back to the bus for a little bit. I knew the crew would most likely be doing the same thing and if not they'd be in the area. Before I could make it back to the bus however I got lost... tremendously lost, frustrated, sweaty and on top of that my cell phone had died. Picture me walking in circles, looking for the House of Blues venue in what had now converted into warm musky NOLA weather. I had no other choice but to soothe my frustration with a good ole FISHBOWL of Nawlins Jungle Juice. I'm sure the locals don't call it that but the drink has a minimum of about 4 liquors in it and the moment I tasted it I had flashbacks from high school. So yeah, Nawlins Jungle Juice.

Once I reunited with the fellas we hit the town one more time before the show. We had about an hour of freedom left so we tried to squeeze in as much fun as possible. No worries on that "jungle juice" by the way, I didn't finish the whole thing. I actually gave it to the kind fellow below wielding the "Too Ugly 2 Prostitute" sign. He called me out on not finishing it so I just gave it to him, he was pretty happy to say the least.