Bye Bye Donnie Brasco - NIKO IS (Official Music Video)

It's kind of surreal how this music video came together. Completely different moments in time, occurring over the span of six weeks all molded into one as if they were meant to go together. At least that's how I felt while editing it. It was never in my plans to make a music video from the tour. I'm not a director, I'm merely a "creator of content" if you will. However, per personal request of Talib Kweli I was asked to create a music video out of what I had captured. The following is what transpired of those efforts. I'm extremely happy that such great amount of faith and trust was put in me to make this happen. I'm now inspired to make more music videos!

For now, I give you the official music video for "Bye Bye Donnie Brasco" by NIKO IS (prod. by Thanks Joey)