#PolaroidParties - Dopehouse LA

I've had these instant polaroid cameras for over year now. Most of the time they sit and collect dust. Film cases unopened, potentially expiring and missing out on opportunities to be used. Unfortunately I'm not good with alternating camera equipment so there is a great amount of unfairness in terms of what gets used. When it became time for me to cover another event I wanted to do things differently.

Dopehouse LA is an extremely lituated event thrown by 2DopeBoyz and hosted by DJ SpintelectMekdot, and Thundercup. DJ sets for this dope house included Project Live LA, DJ Hed, and LeftCoast. Vibrant music flowed throughout the venue the entire night. Attendees were also provided the ultimate perk (open bar) and tacos just in case anyone got hungry or a little too bent; and were in need for sobering up. 

The initial plan was to capture the party with both my DSLR and polaroid camera but I quickly realized how impossible of an objective that would be. I guess I'm not meant to juggle such a task yet or maybe as I mentioned before, I'm simply not capable of using two cams at once. I'm working on it though, it is criminal to have 6 cameras and only use 2...

Anyway, very special thanks to Spin for saving me and giving me 4 whole cases of film!! I had way more fun shooting with my polaroid than my DSLR. It is definitely something I will be doing from now on.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the next Dopehouse LA and cop tix early! 

Below is a mini gallery I put together composed of my favorite shots from the night! #PolaroidParties